The importance of proper Staging cannot be over-emphasized.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  Staging creates the SHOPPING EXPERIENCE for agents and buyers who visit your home.  

All your other marketing can be first-rate.  But if your staging is second-rate you will pay a big penalty in the price you get for your home.  Click each image to expand to full size for a before-and-after example of staging.

Staging a townhome Staging a luxury home
Here we show that sometimes the furniture needs to be adjusted.  The home had been on the market a long time.  The owners had thought that buyers would appreciate the fact that a couch of this size would fit (just barely) in their living room.   That huge couch sure was comfortable for living, they both had room to relax together!  But for the sake of selling, they allowed the couch to be shrunk.  We then had enough space to place a small dining table from the in-laws.  The presentation was so much improved by this staging that the home sold quickly after that.
Here we show that the way you decorate your home to live in, and the way we stage your home to sell, are two different things.  For entertaining, the owner had wanted an intimate conversation area.  However, for selling, we wanted to open up the flow and allow the buyers to easily move out back to the terrace.  Furniture and flowers were placed outside to draw the eye.  The two small chairs and table she had were replaced by a love seat.  The home had been on the market for two years, but it sold within a few months after the staging.

So ask yourself.  Be tough on yourself.  

Has your home been professionally staged for marketing?

By the way, don't confuse staging with interior decorating; home staging and interior decorating are two different things.  Also, don't be confused on thinking that home staging involves bringing in truckloads of model home furniture.  A good stager usually can perform wonders with what you already have.

Lastly, don't forget, staging is fun!  This is your chance to be very creative, to set a party atmosphere, to let the world know they're welcome to come in and buy your home.  

And keep in mind, staging is very, very profitable!  You work hard for your money!  You've paid out a fortune over the years in mortgage payments.  Let's get as much of that back for you as we can!