The Multiple Listing Service is an extremely powerful tool for marketing.  It is your way to reach hundreds of top agents who are working with thousands of buyers.  

Yet, most listing agents, and sellers, take the MLS for granted.  They don't understand that you have to put your best foot forward in the MLS.  The pictures must be chosen with care.  And the language must be professional, just as professional as the language of the new home builders.  Painting with words is one way that the Harvard Guy marketing has been described.  Click each image to view it full size.

Here's a new home builder community in Carlsbad, California:
  "Moments from glistening beaches.  Steps from hiking trails and peaceful Lake Calaveras.  Surrounded by spectacular views that stretch from rolling hills to the magnificent Pacific Ocean.  With its classic architectural styling and superb attention to detail, Montera presents a special place to enjoy the natural splendor of Calavera Hills in the luxurious comfort of an exquisitely crafted home."

New Home Builders write like this.  Why don't realtors write like this?  Because they don't understand how important it is.  Because they are too concerned with listing all the facts about the home.  Because they don't have the ability to be this expressive.  (And because they don't use feature cards - see the Feature Cards submenu.)