An important part of the Harvard Guy marketing program involves helping you prepare new-home-builder cards pointing out the important price-building features of the home.  The feature cards consist of professional signs placed throughout the home like you may have seen before in model homes.

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These cards attract the buyers' attention.  It is strange, but very true, that many buyers are not completely alert as they go through your home.  They may be thinking about all the things they have to do for the rest of the day, or already rehearsing tomorrow's meeting with the new boss.  This is particularly true of relocation buyers who may miss important features of your home.  We don't want these buyers to be distracted, because these buyers have the reputation of paying top dollar, if they love the property.

The feature cards provide buyers with a convenient and fun way to understand the important benefits of your home.  In order to get their questions answered, buyers are not forced to labor through multi-page brochures, or voluminous MLS entries.  And don't forget, if we don't do a good job helping buyers feel comfortable, by answering all of their questions, we are going to have a difficult time getting them to submit an offer on your home.  

The feature cards enhance the marketing in two additional ways beyond the impact they have in your home.  1. The exercise of preparing the cards provides all the powerful language needed for the rest of the marketing.  2. Because the feature cards provide to buyers, once they are standing in the home, all the factual data they require, the MLS advertising does not have to consist of a multitude of unrelated details.  This seems to be the approach of other realtors.  Freed from this requirement to state facts, the Harvard Guy MLS advertising can employ the same kind of powerful, descriptive language used by the new home builders, evoking exciting mental imagery that will draw agents and buyers to your home.